Wednesday, August 22, 2012

So do you bake as much as I do? If so check this out...

We are a family of five and three of us are growing children, lol and this means I do a LOT of baking but when I bake it usually only last a day or two so I either make larger batches or bake more often. This means I have to stock up on my baking supplies or buy in bulk depending on the price or if there was a sale.
Flour and sugar are easy to buy in bulk but when you buy such a large amount you are then faced with "what do I do to keep it fresh and keep the bugs and critters out".  I finally found the solution to my problem, a 5 gallon bucket.  These are cheap (about $3), they are air tight, and they stack nicely out of the way.
Make sure you wash and dry them well before you add your flour and/or sugar or you will have another problem on your hands.  Seal them up tight and don't forget to label them and put the date that you opened them on the label to insure they stay fresh.

One 20lb bag of sugar filled the bucket about 3/4 full so there was plenty of room.  If you do not like the idea of putting your flour and/or sugar in these buckets alone you could leave them in the bags and just put the bag down in the bucket or you could use a flour sack to line the bucket first.  I have had no problems with placing it directly in the bucket.  No plastic taste and no moisture from humidity getting in.  The only thing I would do differently is the lids, I find these lids to be quite hard for me to get them on and off so I will be replacing mine with Gamma Seal lids soon.  You can see what these are at the bottom of the blog.  Thanks for stopping by :) E.

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