Monday, May 23, 2011

Help please!!!

I am trying to figure out how to put a button on my blog (for my blog) and I almost have it but it is still not correct.  If any bloggers out there know how to do this can you please help me, THANK YOU!!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Tonight is Friday Night Sew In Join us!

Here's the link for the Friday night sew in, I so excited this sounds like so much fun.  Come join the fun.

Gracie's new Izzy & Ivy hat

Well, I finally finished my 3-year old's hat. I bought two Izzy & Ivy hat patterns awhile back this one was Sally Sells Sea Shells by the Seashore sun hat.  I have been waiting till I had the time to sit down and figure this one out and I am glad I waited because I have to say this was the most difficult pattern to follow.  With spelling errors and too much information on the area that did not need that much instruction and not enough information on the area that could really use a better step by step and even some more pictures.  This little hat took me three days to finish and let me tell you I have been sewing for a long time and creating my own patterns.  I do not I get stumped by patterns hardly ever and if I do I can easily figure it out after a short amount of time.  This hat turned out really cute but I do have to say after being stuck on one step for two days I skipped their instructions and did it my own way and I am glad I did because I was able to skip so many unnecessary steps.  I will make this hat again but I rewrote the instructions so I would remember how I put it together.  Next is to try to make the Izzy & Ivy Jack 'n Jill hat, one for my oldest daughter and one for my son (the Jack part of the pattern).