Friday, April 1, 2011

Today I am a surgeon

I am re-attaching puppy dog heads today. I do not know how these stuffed animal heads always come off but here I am again stitching them up. :)


  1. yay I finally figured out how to post a comment! Ive been trying but im kinda slow:) I just found another one of Madelines stuffed dogs that the dog got ahold of today! She is not gonna be happy when she gets home:( She has another one that the lab got ahold of that she refuses to part with so I guess I need to figure out how to fix it. I dont have much patience for sewing esp by hand! Aaand of course it couldnt be something easy like the tail but its the snout! Maybe I should just get a lil muzzle and call it could:) Love your blog:)

  2. Oh Jennifer that's funny. Luckily both of her dogs heads were coming apart at the seams so that makes it much easier to stick up. Now one of them has a seam busted on the side of it's muzzle, we shall see how that goes. Thanks for joining my blog!

  3. Whoops I meant to say stitch up not stick up my hands go faster than my brain sometimes. :)