Thursday, April 7, 2011

Serging day :)

I have been down for the last few days with allergies but today I am back to sewing or for right now I guess I am serging.  I have a stack of 8 flounces and several other pieces that need their ends and bottom edges to be serged and that is the good thing about this pattern I do not have to hem any of it. YAY!!!  So I have a movie on and a fudge brownie sundae to keep me company.  :)
Here is my 3 thread rolled hem 
If any of you have serged before you know how much it vibrates at full speed, well I was trucking along watching my seams and not pay much attention to things around me that I didn't notice my glass rods (for flameworking) getting ready to attack me.  So now I will watch everything around me. :)
Here is my yummy fudge brownie sundae
My pile of rolled edge flounces, now to working on the other pieces. 

I just learned about these today, I can't wait to get some.

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